Wednesday, June 16, 2021
Altcoins Elon Musk responds to Anonymous' cryptocurrency 'warning', says 'not even a good...

Elon Musk responds to Anonymous’ cryptocurrency ‘warning’, says ‘not even a good fake’

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After hacker group ‘Anonymous’ issued a warning to Elon Musk, Tesla and SpaceX CEO on June 9 replied to the threat in the most Musk way possible. Anonymous has accused Musk over his tweets on cryptocurrency to have shown “complete disregard for an average working person”. In a new video directed at Elon Musk, the hacker group Anonymous slammed the Tesla CEO for allegedly “mocking hardworking people with his memes from his multi-dollar mansion” after having “liquidated their dreams” after his public temper tantrums. 

The hacker group also elaborated on Musk’s alleged wrongdoings and claimed that the former has emerged as a match for Elon Musk as the “smartest person”. “It appears that your quest to save the world is more rooted in a superiority & saviour complex than it is in actual concern for humanity,” Anonymous told Elon Musk in the video message. Anonymous even claimed that Tesla had earned more from holding bitcoins for a few months than from the sale of the cars over the years and that the bitcoins were allegedly purchased from the government subsidies. 

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Musk, on the other hand, did not acknowledge the “threat” by Anonymous. He instead shared a meme and also said, “not even a good fake anonymous”. 

$STOPELON token to counter Musk’s influence

Meanwhile, as Musk’s influence on the crypto market has continued, with his tweets roiling the prices of the leading cryptocurrency, crypto enthusiasts launched a new meme token $STOPELON in a bid to counter the tycoon’s impact on crypto’s value. This came after the Tesla founder last month reversed a decision of accepting Bitcoin for purchases of Tesla Inc. electric vehicles, citing environmental concerns. With his recent tweet, Musk caused the token to topple by about $27,000 from its mid-April record of $65,000.

Several crypto investors criticised the Tesla CEO for making comments against Bitcoin that triggered a downward spiral in the valuation of the world’s largest digital currency. First, Tesla suspended payments in Bitcoin over climate concerns and then later Musk tweeted that implied in a Twitter exchange that the electric carmaker has sold or may sell part of its Bitcoin holdings. However, in a separate tweet, Musk clarified that Tesla has not sold any Bitcoin, but at this moment, the cryptocurrency was already trading at one of its lowest values. 

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It’s imperative to understand that the price of Bitcoin drives the whole crypto market. When Bitcoin falls significantly, it causes panic selling among crypto investors as they sell their Altcoins. Elon Musk didn’t stop there, he continued to attack Bitcoin, calling it ‘centralised’ in another one of his tweets. As the negative tweets from Elon continued, the Bitcoin kept crashing.

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