Tuesday, April 13, 2021
Trading Conference call: Canada’s crypto Wild West

Conference call: Canada’s crypto Wild West

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The rising price of Bitcoin has led to a surge in businesses enabling Canadians to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. However, as an exclusive investigation by The Logic’s Claire Brownell revealed, regulators are struggling to keep up with Canada’s crypto-trading industry. Canadian securities regulators have since announced plans to address the problem. 

The Logic’s deputy managing editor April Fong spoke to Claire for a subscriber-exclusive conference call to discuss Canada’s crypto Wild West and what a regulatory crackdown will mean for the burgeoning industry.

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Watch the recording here.

Engage with Canada’s most influential decision-makers.

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The Logic’s conference call attendees are curated professionals with a focus on technology and innovation. They include industry leaders, members of government and passionate members of Canada’s tech and innovation community. They also garner significant interest from public relations, government relations and communications firms looking to gain indispensable information for their clients to better inform their work.

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